Peoria Promise Foundation

Peoria Promise Foundation

To support economic development by increasing the number of City of Peoria high school graduates who complete a college or vocational program, thereby delivering a more skilled workforce for Peoria and our future.

Peoria's economic growth relies on an educated and skilled local workforce. But declining enrollments and falling graduation rates in Peoria's school district, high poverty and family flight stand to leave the city with fewer skilled workers. Conversely, an increase in the number of local young adults with postsecondary degrees can translate into greater job opportunities, higher incomes, new home buyers and a reduction in crime. Ultimately, the program will help to alleviate poverty and provide skilled workers to live and work in the Peoria area.

Peoria Promise is a tuition reimbursement program available to City of Peoria high school graduates to attend Illinois Central College. According to Harvard University, 70 percent of available jobs in the country only require a two-year certificate. Forty-eight percent of Peoria Promise students are the first in their family to attend college.

Applicants must be a resident of the City of Peoria for a minimum of four years and graduate from high school, either public or private. Homeschool and GED students are now eligible as well. To verify eligibility, go to

In 10 years, Peoria Promise has provided over $4.6 million in support to over 2,600 students.

  • 100% donor-funded program with NO local state or federal tax support
  • 89% of students successfully complete coursework
  • 75% work in the City of Peoria
  • 90% in the Peoria region.
  • Top career paths include healthcare, education, engineering, community service and business.
  • 73% of students work while in school, with 16% working in field of study.

Volunteer opportunities are available by sending an email to for more information.

Local employers should consider Peoria Promise an extension of their companies' employee benefits for their children and grandchildren.

“The best investment a business can make is one that enhances the economic future of its community.” - Jim Ardis, Mayor City of Peoria

How to Help
To donate/invest in Peoria Promise, visit to make a contribution. Designate “Peoria Promise Foundation” in the annual United Way campaign, send a check directly to the office, or attend our annual fundraiser.

Peoria Promise Foundation
1718 N. Sterling Ave
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Facebook: @peoriapromise

MJ Schettler, Executive Director
Natalie Thomas, Director Student Affairs