Peoria Park District

Peoria Park District

The Peoria Park District contributes to a healthy and vibrant Peoria community by responsibly using our District resources to offer high-quality parks and recreation experiences to those who live, work and play in our District.

As a District, we agree to uphold the following values in our work. We will be:

  • Professional: well-trained and proficient at all levels of our organization.
  • Respectful: considerate of others and honest in our interactions.
  • Accountable: transparent and responsible for our decisions and their impact on our District, our community and the environment.
  • Innovative: open to new approaches that achieve better outcomes and that make our District more sustainable for the future.
  • Safe: proactive in providing safe spaces and places for those who work and play in our District parks and facilities.
  • Equitable: focused on equitable access to parks, facilities, and programs that promote healthy and active lifestyles across our diverse community.

Our Priorities:

  • We will be responsible stewards of all District resources.
  • We will focus on services that make the greatest impact.
  • We will create a culture that values and supports each other, those we serve and our community.

The oldest and largest park district in Illinois, the Peoria Park District encompasses nearly 60 square miles, including more than 50 miles of hiking and biking trails in and around Peoria. The value we provide to the community can be found in the ease of access to our parks and recreational programs.

Evidence has shown that when people have access to parks, recreational programs and nature, their overall physical and psychological health improves. The District’s own local community assessment survey found that 88 percent of residents believe the Peoria Park District is an important partner for community health. The Peoria Park District invites you to visit one of our many parks or nature preserves and enjoy the great outdoors!

Our variety of events and facilities throughout our community will keep you engaged and active. Glen Oak Park is home to Peoria Zoo, Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and Luthy Botanical Garden. Throughout the District, we host all kinds of sports including softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and more, while Owens Center offers ice skating year-round! Annually, hundreds of concerts, festivals and special events are featured on the Peoria RiverFront and in our parks, in addition to fun activities at Logan, Franciscan, Lakeview and Proctor recreation centers. Our state-of-the-art, medically-based fitness center, RiverPlex, focuses on healthy and active lifestyles.

How to Help
The Peoria Park District Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports the work of the Peoria Park District. Currently, the Foundation focuses on enhancing and providing public educational, adult learning, youth outreach and Peoria community programs, especially those taking place on Peoria Park District property or in connection with Peoria Park District leisure and recreation opportunities. You are invited to support the District’s education and outreach programming, including both the Moonlight Coalition for Adult Learning and E.L.I.T.E. Youth Outreach, by donating to the Foundation to achieve maximum tax benefits.

In 2019, the Foundation is focused on supporting the preservation and promotion of the value of parks and open space in our community. Parks are powerful… they improve our health, strengthen our communities, and make our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. Numerous studies have shown the social, environmental, economic and health benefits parks bring to a community and its people.
Your tax-deductible donation can support our trail system, restore native prairies, and support adults earning their GED, students learning respect and the benefits of hard work, and our youngest citizens learning through play. Wow! We hope you’ll donate today!

Want to Volunteer?
Peoria Park District volunteer offerings span a wide array of options, including ongoing regular volunteers, special events, volunteer coaching and facility-specific opportunities. To learn more, visit

Peoria Park District
1125 West Lake Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614
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Emily G. Cahill, Executive Director
Brent C. Wheeler, Deputy Director