OLLI at Bradley University


OLLI at Bradley believes there is value to lifelong learning in an open, social environment. We provide a welcoming experience that is volunteer-driven, focused on high-quality learning opportunities for our members, and sponsored by Bradley University and The Bernard Osher Foundation.

OLLI at Bradley is an organization guided by dedicated volunteers who desire opportunities for socialization and a sense of belonging, a wide variety of high quality experiences, the inviting and helpful nature of members and staff, and an outlet to feel relevant and to keep growing intellectually.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Bradley University (OLLI) is an organization of 1,200 Peoria-area residents who are at least 50 years old and want to stay vital and active as they reach and enjoy retirement. Participants enjoy a diverse collection of year-round programs, including non-credit classes, educational travel, study groups and special events.

Bradley University, OLLI’s home, recognizes its importance as a standard of excellence in lifelong learning and generously supports OLLI through the provision of staff, meeting space and services. Bradley’s Continuing Education and Professional Development Division sponsors the OLLI program and provides staff for program leadership and oversight. Through two $1 million endowed gifts from the Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at Bradley is recognized as an Osher program of distinction.

OLLI Classes are held on Bradley’s campus each Wednesday in April and October, and four consecutive days the second week of January. A typical class day lasts from 9am to 3pm, with several snack breaks to provide socialization opportunities with peers.

OLLI Learning Trips, held throughout the year, are educational travel experiences that encourage participants to interact with experts who offer behind-the-scenes looks at area businesses, regional attractions and international destinations. All land excursions travel via our comfortable, easy-access OLLI shuttles or by charter coach. OLLI offers more than 125 trips annually to provide unique learning experiences for members.

OLLI Study Groups are also held throughout the year for members who want to investigate topics in-depth with like-minded peers. Members may work independently outside the group, lead the group, or anything in between. This is our members’ connection to studying what they most enjoy with others who share their enthusiasm.

OLLI Originals are designed to offer extra learning experiences that don’t necessarily fit the mold of our classes, study groups and learning trips. We continue to evolve with new programming that will expand our current offerings, providing opportunities for unique experiences and chances to gain valuable insights in a variety of settings. These programs are made possible through generous donations from our OLLI members.

How to Help
OLLI at Bradley is a volunteer-driven organization, with a volunteer rate equal to 40 percent of its membership. There are myriad ways to volunteer: teaching or hosting a class, facilitating a study group, hosting a trip, serving on a planning committee, assisting members at our park-and-ride lots, finding artists to exhibit their work, and helping with the twice-yearly luncheon menu and decorations.

OLLI volunteers serve the organization through its many committees, where program ideas originate. We are always ready to welcome new members to help us design our offerings. For more information, visit bradley.edu/olli, call (309) 677-3900 or email mriggio@bradley.edu.

OLLI at Bradley University
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Janet Lange, Executive Director, Continuing Education and Professional Development
Michelle Riggio, Associate Director
Catherine Lawless, Program Director
Diana Klein, Program Coordinator
Bonnie Davis, Administrative Support
Gwen Howarter, Administrative Support