Dream Center Peoria

Dream Center

Impacting families living in poverty starting with kids and youth.

Dream Center Peoria is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization located in downtown Peoria. Founded by Riverside Community Church in 2002, our mission is to impact individuals and families in poverty, starting with kids and youth. We accomplish this goal through a three-pronged approach of basic human needs, youth development and community outreach.

Basic Human Needs
We offer a 24/7 emergency shelter for single women, parenting mothers and fathers, and married couples. We currently offer transitional housing for those who are looking to break the cycle of poverty and get a new start on life. Our shelter houses over 60 guests a night with the average age being nine years old.

Youth Development
We run a vibrant afterschool program and summer school program for inner-city students. We incorporate a social enterprise program to show a way out of poverty through business, a creative arts school to teach young people the importance of learning the arts, and a mentoring education piece to help kids do well in school. We also have a trades program for students in our programming to help them get started with skills that can keep them out of the cycle of poverty.

Youth Job Skills Program
We all know how important job skills are to permanently lifting young people out of poverty. Thanks to great volunteers and local businesses, we started a job skills program for our 45 middle school-aged kids. Hands-on programs include motorcycle repair, auto mechanics, motorcycle parts resell business, T-shirt printing, 3D printing/casting/foundry, electronics, home electrical, stock market simulation, carpentry and coffee roasting. It is working... and very encouraging to see up close! Reach out and be a part of this by donating or volunteering.

Community Outreach
This division is where we see our community come together to impact families living in poverty. More than 20,000 people are impacted by Dream Center Peoria each year, and over 200 volunteers are involved every month.

Backpack Peoria
One of our most visible programs is Backpack Peoria. Each year, we partner with Peoria Public Schools to give out 2,500 backpacks loaded with school supplies, helping children in need start the school year right.

Serve The City
Twice a year we join with different churches in the area to perform service projects at different sites throughout Peoria and surrounding areas.

Mission Peoria
More than 300 young people from dozens of church youth groups around the country come to Dream Center Peoria for a mission trip to impact Peoria and the children in this community.

Promise Of Hope
Each prom season, we give out more than 100 prom dresses to young ladies who thought they would never get the chance to go to prom due to the cost of a dress. Every spring and fall, Dream Center Peoria equips over 400 people to impact the Peoria area with acts of service.

How to Help
To sign up to volunteer, visit our website and click “Get Involved,” and our volunteer outreach team will be in touch with you. If you would like to give online, visit our website and select “Donate.” For other questions, please call our office or email info@dreamcenterpeoria.org.

Dream Center Peoria
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