The Center for Youth and Family Solutions

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions engages and serves children and families in need with dignity, compassion and respect, building upon individual and community strengths to resolve life challenges together.

The same core values that guided us during the creation of The Center for Youth and Family Solutions serve as our benchmarks and beacons of hope as we partner with children and families and communities from all walks of life in solving the challenges in the family lifecycle in modern society: collaboration; partnership; sharing a common goal; belief in the strength of the human spirit; treating all with dignity, compassion and respect; and achieving excellence.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions has six program areas, all of which focus on serving children and families who have experienced life-changing trauma, abuse and neglect, or other significant life challenges. Our goal is to help each child and adult learn to cope with those experiences and help them achieve their fullest potential. Our programs are some of the most effective in the state of Illinois in achieving desired results. Here are some examples of our outcomes from last year:

We provide hope. Our adoption program has made a lasting important impact in the lives of children who need a forever family. Last year, 213 infants and children were adopted through our program.

We are transforming well-being. Our strengths-based and goal-driven Behavioral Health Counseling program helped empower 3,454 families and individuals in resolving their emotional and relationship issues.

Foster Care and Intact Family Services
We foster stability. Foster care is a time of uncertainty for kids—therefore, it is meant to be temporary. Our goal is to reunify children safely with family whenever possible, and when that is not an option, to find a loving family for a child through adoption. CYFS is known as one of the most successful agencies in the state when it comes to achieving permanency for kids in foster care. Further, CYFS prevents subsequent abuse and neglect in at-risk families through our Intact Families program.

Guardian Angel Home
We cultivate healing. Our residential program continues to see great outcomes for the young boys we serve—keeping kids safe while meeting their needs and helping them with a successful return to family or relatives, a community foster family home, or independent living.

New Day Senior Services
We champion independence. Thanks to our compassionate in-home counselors and caring volunteers, 99 percent of the seniors we served continued to live independently and avoided nursing home care.

Youth, Family & Community Outreach Services
We stabilize families and communities. Our YFCOS programs help people in crisis find stabilization and prevent future problems. One hundred percent of youth served in our Crisis Intervention program are now off the streets and returned to a safe living environment.

How to Help
Our volunteers make a difference every day in the lives of children, seniors and families. They have a true spirit of generosity and bring hope to those in need. Whether teaching a child to read or visiting a lonely senior, our volunteers are an essential part of the work we do. Volunteering is a way to share your gifts, gain experience, meet new friends and give back to your community. For more information, contact Sue Hirschman, volunteer coordinator at (309) 323-6632 or

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Trish Fox, Executive Director
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