Galentine's Day Art & Charcuterie

Art at the Bodega

Spend some time with your gal pals.  Saturday night is dedicated to girlfriends. You are busy and can't get together as often as you would like.  Call her, tag her,  send her a message.  Let her know that while you have been busy and life "gets in the way" you are SO glad you have her as a friend.  

Now that your group is going to get together, we have an evening just for you. Your $10 reservation goes towards a mini personal charcuterie board with meats.cheeses and sweets. We do have beverages available for purchase. 

You can choose any art project you want to create.  Pottery, canvas paintings, vinyl board art, the studio is yours to create.  Prices vary from $20-$75 with most people spending around $30.