Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum - Real Tools Workshop: Light & Shadow

Virtual event

Real Tools workshops teach children how to make and how to invent. They show children how to solve problems — and it compels them to find the problems they want to solve.

Artists can use light and shadow to add special effects to their art pieces. In this Real Tools Workshop we will be creating an art piece that is affected by light or shadow. How will it change if you shine light on it? What does its shadow look like? Use your imagination to create a piece of art that is affected by light and shadow!

Real Tools workshops are $10 per child. PlayHouse Everywhere members receive one free workshop per month per child. Materials are included. Please note, adult help is often required, and we do ask that an adult be available / participating for the duration of the workshop. Registration is required; registration closes the Friday prior to the workshop at noon. 

Materials pick up: Friday afternoons from the Noble Center, 1125 W Lake Avenue

Tools may be picked up at the same time; they must be returned within 3 days of the workshop.