Virtual Art Club with artist, Jessica Bingham


Virtual Art Club via Zoom

Featuring artist, Jessica Bingham

Tue, Jan 12 | 1 pm

Join us for virtual Art Club! Art Club is a monthly meeting of people who love art. Each month we hear about a different artist or topic. We encourage artists to come talk about their own work, a style they love, or another artist they admire. Enjoy a casual discussion with PowerPoint slides. Participants are encouraged, though not required, to ask questions and discuss pieces of art presented.

This month, artist Jessica Bingham will be presenting their own work while you enjoy coffee and treats at your home.

The Zoom link will be available soon for the presentation.

Jessica Bingham

Jessica Bingham (b. 1989) is an artist, curator, mother, educator, and advocate working in Central Illinois. She is Curator at University Galleries of Illinois State University where she has organized solo exhibitions for Katie Bell and Eric Anthony Berdis, and has a forthcoming solo exhibition planned for Ashley Jude Jonas. Bingham is also the Director and Co-founder of Project 1612, an independent artist-run space and short-term residency program focused on ephemeral exhibitions and participatory performances. Project 1612 was founded in 2015 in collaboration with her husband Zach Ott and fellow artist Alexander Martin. Since the inaugural exhibition, nearly forty solo and two-person exhibitions have taken place, including artists Sophie Ansell, Claire Ashley, ZW Buckley, Reenie Charrière, Ben Cook, Linda Ding, Adam Farcus, Mona Gazala, Rachel Hausmann, Chintia Kirana, Joey Knox, Richard Medina, Eric Peterson, and Angie Saiz. Additionally, Bingham was the previous Curator at Illinois Central College where she organized solo exhibitions for Jan Brandt, Felicia Cannon, Jacob Guzan, Yun Jeong Hong, Ginger Lukas, Dan Ossandón, Ian Shelley, and Trish Williams.

Bingham is dedicated to collaborating with and supporting local and regional artist-run, LGBTQ-owned, Black-led, and NFP organizations. She views such collaboration as an essential part of community development and pride. She co-organized satellite group exhibitions and programming for the 3rd (2017) and 4th (2019) Terrain Biennials. Participating 2017 artists: Gina Hunt, Bryony Hussey, Ryan Paluczak, and Dawn Robin. Participating 2019 artists: Sage Dawson, Venise Keys, Jam Rohr, John Steck Jr. In 2019, Bingham curated a two-part group exhibition at Super Dutchess featuring works by the members of Monaco, an artist collective based in St. Louis. Participating artists: Bruce Burton, Heather Bennett, Jennifer Colten, Sage Dawson, Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, José Garza, Meghan Grubb, Howard Krohn, Yowshien Kuo, Allison Lacher, Tim Portlock, and Edo Rosenblith. Furthermore, Bingham has written regional exhibition reviews for Sixty Inches From Center; co-presented about artist-run spaces at the Midwest Art History Society Annual Conference, The Business of Art, and Beyond Alternatives Symposium; juried and presented for Sky Art Peoria Celebration; co-organized an international film festival with the RPCA in the Peoria Community Garden; facilitated a donation-based art sale to raise funds for Peoria Guild of Black Artists and Girls Light Our Way; and is currently serving on the board of pt.fwd., an independent non-profit organization in Bloomington-Normal presenting performances of contemporary music and sonic arts.

Bingham has also taught in higher-ed at Monmouth College and Bradley University. Through a variety of classes, including Drawing, Painting, Art History, Digital Photography, and BFA and Portfolio Seminars, Bingham invested in future artists by fostering classrooms that sought to develop individualized visual language, engage students in challenging conversations, and support research opportunities that furthered their interest in the art and art history.

In addition to curating exhibitions and engaging community, Bingham is also a practicing artist. Bingham’s work has been exhibited at: Woman Made Gallery, Chicago; Neon Heater, Findlay, Ohio; Public Space One, Iowa City; Mantel Art Space, San Antonia; Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa; and Heartbreaker, Peoria, Illinois, among others. She earned her M.A. in 2014 and M.F.A. in 2016 in Painting from Bradley University and her B.A. from Monmouth College in 2012.

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