Glass Blowing Classes

J. Draper Glass

Paperweight - 9am to 11am - Paperweight  $85 Per Person Play with molten glass, tools & color to create your own paperweight! This class teaches you how to melt a random assortment of colored shards of glass, trap bubbles, and twist the glass into a beautiful timeless paperweight. Note: Individual color selection is not an option for this class.

Smooch Bowl - 11am to 1pm - Smooch Bowl $95 Per Person Learn how to roll into color, blow a bubble and then suck the air out to create a double walled bowl! This class shows how glass can change shape very fast. This was a St. Valentine favorite project in 2018. No shared experiences. 

Pumpkin - 2pm to 4pm - Pumpkin $120 Per Person Create your own blown pumpkin to treasure, display and talk about for years. Learn how to roll into color, heat, pinch & paddle the glass to create your pumpkin. Watch it grow with the breath of your air!