Brimmer Lecture Series: Making Friends With Failure and Change

Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts

The Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts in Peoria Heights is offering a quarterly lecture series.

2020’s Brimmer Lecture Series will wrap up on Thursday, Oct. 29 with “Making Friends With Failure and Change” featuring “Coaching vs. Counseling,” “Adaptability Is Your Strength” and “Rich in Resilience.”

Tickets are $49 and include a light breakfast, coffee, and mid-morning snack. Reservations can be made at  

“The Betty Jayne Brimmer Lecture Series will provide a development opportunity for attendees to establish their brand, improve their value, and strengthen their confidence in the talent they possess,” said Jenny Parkhurst, executive director of performing arts for KDB Group. “The topics will be modern, relevant and diverse, aimed to be relatable to all.”


The Betty Jayne, at 1327 E. Kelly Ave. in the Heights, sits across from Heritage Square in what originally was the Heights Library. It is the first of entrepreneur and philanthropist Kim Blickenstaff’s many projects in Peoria Heights, with the mission of becoming not only an entertainment destination but a cultural and educational center, as well. The venue is named for his late mother, the former Betty Jayne Brimmer, a one-time stage dancer in the Big Band era.