Health Coaching for Weight Loss and Renewed Vitality

Five Point Washington

Five Points Washington Health Coach Barb Woods will give a free presentation entitled Health Coaching for Weight Loss and Renewed Vitality on September 21 at 6 pm at Five Points Washington. The presentation will also be livestreamed via the Five Points Washington Facebook page.

A new offering from Five Points Washington designed to help participants change their behaviors in implementing changes to their diets and lifestyle goals will be introduced to the public September 21 when new Health Coach Barb Woods offers a free presentation about her role at Five Points Washington.

The presentation, Health Coaching for Weight Loss and Renewed Vitality, will take place September 21 at 6 PM in Banquet Room B at Five Points Washington, located at 360 N. Wilmor Road in Washington. In addition, the presentation will be livestreamed via the Five Points Washington Facebook page.

Health coaching facilitates the development of personal health and wellness goals and a plan for achieving those goals utilizing strategic planning, values clarification, brain storming, motivational interviewing, accountability and nonjudgmental coaching techniques.

In her role as health coach, Woods specializes in behavior change and offers a positive and supported environment for clients to make healthy lifestyle choices and overcome obstacles. Woods will coach clients in an effort to lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve systems of chronic illness through methods such as eating nutritionally-dense and delicious whole foods while avoiding problem foods, reducing stress, improving sleep and increasing movement throughout the day.

Woods is currently completing certification as an ADAPT-Functional Health Coach through the Kresser Institute, a National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching-accredited program. She will offer both personal health coaching and group health coaching at Five Points Washington.

In addition to health coaching, Woods also serves as a cooking instructor, demonstrating tasty and healthy recipes in cooking classes at Lori's Kitchen Store on the square in Washington. She specializes in developing delicious and nutritious whole food recipes with modifications for food sensitivities.

Woods will offer weekly group coaching sessions on Mondays starting October 5 which will meet for 90 minutes through December 21. Socially-distanced in-person group meetings will be held on those Monday dates from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Meetings will be held virtually via Zoom for a second group on the same dates from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Chat support from Woods and the other cohort members is also available throughout the program.

The cost for 12 weeks of group health coaching is $279 for Five Points Washington members and $330 for non-members.