Lecture Series focusing on career development & personal improvement

The Betty Jayne Brimmer Center

The Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts in Peoria Heights begins a new feature this month with a quarterly lecture series focusing on career development and personal improvement.

The first installment of the Brimmer Lecture Series -- “Are You Ready to Lead?” -- will be from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, February 27 with sessions on “Personal Branding,” “Credibility Starts With Self-Awareness” and “Leading From Wherever You Are.” 

The presenters will be Lori Birkland, Patty Atherton, Michelle Adams and Heather Nena Rega.

Tickets are $49 and include a light breakfast, coffee, and mid-morning snack. Reservations can be made at thebettyjayne.com/calendar.  

Each of the lecture events will follow the same basic format and time frame. 

On Thursday, April 30, it’s “Yes, You Can Make a Difference” with expert speakers addressing “Accountability vs. Ownership, “Actionable Influence” and “Powerful Cultures.”

On Thursday, July 30, it’s “The Team of Success” with topics “Engaged to Win,” “Collaboration Ignites the Team,” “Inclusion Impact,” and “Reverse Mentorship.”

2020’s Brimmer Lecture Series will wrap up on Thursday, Oct. 29 with “Making Friends With Failure and Change” featuring “Coaching vs. Counseling,” “Adaptability Is Your Strength” and “Rich in Resilience.”