The Judgement of Paris Wine Dinner

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A five-course dinner featuring ten incredible wines from the Unites States and France.

$85 per guest, plus tax & gratuity.

“The Judgement of Paris” refers to the informal name used for The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 in which merchant Steven Spurrier and French judges carried out two blind tasting comparisons: one of top-quality Chardonnays and another of French Bordeaux against Californian Cabernet Sauvignon.

Join Alison Millinger & Patrick Caplis as they present a blind tasting & comparison of classic varietals and Executive Chef Carlos Rojas pairs dual small plates with every course.

In 1976, a Californian wine rated best in each category, causing quite a stir in the wine world, as France was generally regarded as being the best producer of wines. The results from this tasting established California as one of the most desirable wine making regions in the world, changing its course forever. Guests will cast a ballot, rating each wine and predicting the wine’s country of origin.

Parking is free to guests in the lot behind the Mark Twain Hotel

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