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Peoria Magazines Community Calendar
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events have been cancelled, postponed or virtualized. We continue to maintain our calendar with the latest information available to us. Please contact the host organization for the current status of any event.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

PPS Foundation - 6th Annual 365 Breakfast 

PPS Foundation's 6th Annual 365 Breakfast 

We are so thankful to still be holding our annual 365 Breakfast on Thursday, January 7th. While it'll look a little different than other years, the purpose is still the same - to help provide support to our PPS students and staff!

Virtual Townhall - relationship between the community and the police

The Advisory Committee on Police-Community Relations advises the Chief of Police, the Mayor and City Council on matters to improve police-community relations. As a committee that provides independent means of communication and assistance between the citizens of Peoria and the Peoria Police Department, engaging with residents is one of the top priorities for this volunteer-run group. In the past, the committee held several in-person meetings in different zip codes with a large turnout of residents.

Electrified, Amplified, and Deified: The invention of the electric guitar in America

The electric guitar may be the most important instrument to arise during the 20th century. While initially developed during the 1930s in a quest simply for a louder guitar, the invention of an electrified version of the instrument ended up revolutionizing popular music, impacting global musical genres, and achieving iconic status as a symbol of American culture. Join Monica Smith and the Riverfront Museum’s own Zac Zetterberg in a conversation about this stellar instrument.

LIVE Zoom Conversation