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KDB Group has purchased the historic Hale Memorial Church at Main and High streets in Peoria.

Gilmore Foundation is supporting the Illinois Central College Manufacturing Workforce Equity Initiative.

Cover crops help to preserve one of the greatest natural resources of all.

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Best of Peoria 2021 winners
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As the town became a city, it created fodder for future challenges of local trivia.

Redistricting has a direct bearing on what matters a legislature chooses to tackle.

A group of Bradley University public relations students recently won the prestigious Ebeling PR-ize™.

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The Fine Arts Society of Peoria will enter its 60th season of programming later this fall.

Emily Antonacci, known musically as “emily,” has rapidly made her mark on the Peoria music scene over the last year.

The yearlong exhibition features seminal works by contemporary Black American artists.

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All the new life being brought into structures of the past spurs inspiration.

The Peoria Historical Society takes you on a walking tour through some of the most interesting parts of Peoria.

Finding the final resting place of a friend, relative or historical figure at Springdale Cemetery just got a lot easier... 


Despite the prolonged pandemic, Turner Center director Jim Foley remains optimistic about the local business climate.

As Peoria’s biggest cheerleader, John’s love for community is second to none. His enthusiasm is contagious—and makes people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.