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Illinois recognizes successor liability under the Human Rights Act.

Don’t surprise your partner… get comfortable talking about money together.

The debate continues over the constrictions of “impact investing.”

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Best of Peoria 2019

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Investment in nature is a key solution to fighting the impacts of climate change.

It takes the heart of a leader to provide the motivation, empowerment and direction to win. 

By taking a more holistic approach to economic development, we are building a stronger Illinois.

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The illustrious building’s reign over Peoria’s highlife came to a swift end on a tragic December morning.

A new collective takes an unusual route to bring art and creativity to the public.

The Citywide Celebration of Women in the Arts highlights the creativity of women in the arts in Greater Peoria.

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Area residents can now sign up for a composting subscription through Better Earth Logistics.

A new business brings bartending and craft cocktail services to home parties and small events.

How to reinvent the holiday season by learning from the past.


On Friday, February 28, 2020, the Pediatric Resource Center will host “There’s Nothing Funny About Child Abuse – An Evening of Comedy” at The Broadway Lounge at the Waterhouse.

With multiple new businesses about to come online in Peoria’s Warehouse District, this month’s focus on development could not have come at a better time.