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Suffering through it isn't our only option.

There is a time and place for email, but...

Peoria native Diana Hall has achieved a lifetime of community service and business success.

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Best of Peoria 2021 winners
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Our community is fortunate to benefit from the leadership, wisdom and service of this year's Local Legends.

Peoria has a rich history, and I believe Peoria has a very bright future.

Between Urban Acres and the North Valley Farmers Market, the Diaz family has become a mighty force for good in Peoria.

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The new sculpture garden at Donovan Park takes shape this summer.

By exploring their own identity, this artist creates space for others to hold conversation and empathy.

Over the past year, arts venues have worked hard to renovate and improve their physical spaces.

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The secret to salsa from scratch is using the freshest ingredients straight from a homegrown garden.

After the storm comes the recovery from a year of pandemic living.

One of the all-time great editors, he made Galesburg an unlikely incubator for investigative journalism.


Despite the prolonged pandemic, Turner Center director Jim Foley remains optimistic about the local business climate.

As Peoria’s biggest cheerleader, John’s love for community is second to none. His enthusiasm is contagious—and makes people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.