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PM Business
Learn about the different licensures required to sell food items at your local farmers’ market.
This past winter Baldovin Construction uncovered a mysterious brick structure with a vaulted ceiling buried under the ground.
Our community thrives when people surrender their personal wants for the public good.

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Best of Peoria 2019

PM Community
Local libraries of all types play an important role in STEM education.
A new collaborative effort promises to transform behavioral healthcare delivery in central Illinois.
In addition to selling colorful products, Global Village educates the community and enriches people’s lives around the globe.
PM Art
A new exhibition at Peoria Magazines will feature the work of Peoria-based artists Jaci Musec and Haley Funk.
The photographer uses older, fully mechanical cameras to produce intriguing images quite unlike today’s modern digital snapshots.
PM Lifestyle
On April 25, 1950, the readers of LOOK magazine were treated to a four-page feature about a pair of legendary Peoria performers.
Chateau Musar's radically organic approach is a unique expression of Lebanon’s 6,000-year winemaking tradition.
Eating locally and seasonally in Peoria is easy, especially in July.
It was a gorgeous, sunny morning in late June when I pulled up to Whittier Primary School in Peoria...

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