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PM Business
Effective sounding boards can save you from yourself.
Recommendations for nonprofits navigating Illinois’ minimum-wage bump.
This accounting process helps nonprofits know the true cost of programs and services.

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Ten things you didn't know about the attorney and community leader...
Whether your yard is big, small or non-existent, anyone can have success with containers.
Depression can present itself in many ways, and it doesn’t always show its face.

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2019-2020 Community Impact Guide

PM Community
Peoria’s original makerspace brings out the inner maker in its members.
It may be time for a new paradigm in American higher education.
We need to work collaboratively to provide comprehensive services, access and resources to all health populations.

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Sculpture Walk Peoria launches its annual outdoor sculpture exhibit on Saturday, May 18, 2019.
The Peoria Bach Festival celebrates the music and life of the legendary composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
Local singer/songwriters hit the right notes, nabbing national acclaim in Rolling Stone.
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Inside the Twelve Bar Lounge at Peoria Magazine's inaugural cover shoot, February 28, 2019
We've been quite busy with the launch of the new publication... but there's much more to come! Here's a quick update.