Peoria Magazine: May 2020

PM Business

A new website offers an easy way to purchase books online while taking care of the shop in your own neighborhood.

The DDC was formed to be a “helper,” ready to meet the needs of our community.

Alternative budgeting strategies can better capture the true value of nonprofit work than pricing by cost.

Community Impact
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PM Community

In the face of unprecedented disaster, our community responds with strength, compassion and generosity.

The Pediatric Resource Center is open and ready to respond.

Area organizations have launched phone lines to support community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PM Art

With the support of loyal volunteers, Taylor has turned this stretch of the rural Midwest into an internationally known music destination.

An acclaimed printmaker offers some tips on how to successfully sell your artwork.

One of Peoria's oldest arts organizations continues to grow under new leadership.

The Big Table
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PM Weekly

PM Lifestyle

The uniquely Korean concept of Jeong applies to food as well.

Taking time off is a long-term investment in your mental and physical health.

A local Master Naturalist volunteer built a website to encourage people to enjoy local natural areas.


The simple act of delivering a meal and good cheer stands in for Peoria’s incredible nonprofit community, as well as the central importance of home in the days of COVID-19.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are publishing as scheduled, offering complimentary copies and digital resources, and asking for your stories and support.