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We face a new era of uncertainty, and we need to be prepared to handle it.

There is no perfect answer, but you can learn the rules and how they apply to you.

A new clean energy financing option is available for Peoria County commercial properties.

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Best of Peoria 2021 winners
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Comcast has opened six new, WiFi-connected “Lift Zones” at Peoria-area community centers.

As I get to know the city and its people, I realize it is vibrant with amazing things.

The core mission of education remains the same… even in these constantly changing times.

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Heather Ford explores collective consciousness through technology to create unique artistic experiences.

A new concert series will help enrich the lives of individuals with special needs.

Peoria will be visited this month by Uruguayan multi-disciplinary artist Marisa Bernotti.

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Ten things you didn't know about the superintendent of Peoria Public Schools...

Cold soups are wonderful to enjoy during these hot summer days.

Though beloved and beautiful, the monarch butterfly faces the possibility of extinction. 


Despite the prolonged pandemic, Turner Center director Jim Foley remains optimistic about the local business climate.

As Peoria’s biggest cheerleader, John’s love for community is second to none. His enthusiasm is contagious—and makes people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.