PM Business

By hiring and developing the right people, organizations can create a competitive advantage.

Creating a community supported fishery (CSF) was not on Nik Mink’s mind when he started teaching at Knox College in 2010.

Some might have a condition for which marijuana works, but we need a reality check on the word medical.

PM Weekly

Best of Peoria 2019

PM Community

Impact Central Illinois is preparing to kick off its first grant initiative to give away $117,000 to one local charity in 2020.

OSF HealthCare has invested in the garden to provide access to healthy foods in an area that is otherwise food-insecure.

Let us continue to share our personal resources and talents for the nourishment of our community.

PM Art

Kenny’s Westside Pub is a Midwest destination for national touring bands.

There are so many ways you can celebrate the arts this October...

On November 2, the IAL will host its annual Holiday Art Market at the Warehouse on State in Peoria’s Warehouse District.

PM Lifestyle

Devotion to everyday well-being cultivates a legacy for lifelong happiness.

Simple ways to prepare vegetables that look extravagant.

This COPD patient is “a totally different person” after undergoing a relatively new lung procedure.


Our team is excited to introduce our very first food issue—something we hope will become an annual tradition.

In April 2019, four members from Girl Scout Troop 4687 in Pekin toured Peoria Magazines’ offices and met with editor-in-chief Jonathan Wright to learn the ins and outs of publishing a magazine.