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During a time of great uncertainty, one regional program is helping small businesses help themselves.

As we navigate this unfamiliar season, let us learn and grow and lead with kindness.

How are businesses fighting to stay alive in our “new normal”?

Community Impact

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Three native Peorians have been major players in diplomacy and international affairs across the decades.

We are a better community because of our diverse culture.  

Getting an accurate count for our region is crucial—especially in uncertain times.

PM Art

A new exhibition chronicles a half century of arguably the Peoria region’s most renowned expressionist.

When Ken Hoffman arrived in Peoria in 1969, he embarked on a half-century journey as one of the Midwest’s premier expressionist painters.

The work of five local artists will be showcased on billboards throughout the region over the next year.

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There are many resources for fact-checking in today’s world of ever-increasing misinformation.

Ten things you didn't know about the executive director at Wildlife Prairie Park...

Jeanine Spain’s dedication to improving people’s lives has led her up the ranks of leadership.


Photographer David Vernon with Bob & Joan Ericksen in front of the great oak tree at the Sun Foundation Art & Nature Center, May 22, 2020

Witness the progress as Bob Doucette paints the cover of our June 2020 issue...