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America’s successful tech hubs haven’t emerged by accident.

Becoming knowledgeable and motivated today will encourage healthier generations tomorrow.

While STEM subjects are important and practical, economists are jumping to defend humanities majors as well.

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Best of Peoria 2019

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Peoria was recently ranked nationally as one of the “10 Best Cities for High Salaries and Low Costs of Living."

Born in Peoria, Robert E. Crowe would become the rival of a nationally renowned defense attorney.

At Tazewell County, we care about our employees and want to see them thrive.

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Born and raised in the Peoria area, Jared Grabb has been making music and booking shows for 25 years.

Art creates moments of connection that enhance the healing environment.

Jeremy Berkley’s screen print art engages the world in a fun and distinctive way.

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Think of 2020 as the year we focus on our eyes.

What’s your home style for 2020?

Ten things you didn't know about the yoga educator and director of OM on the River Yoga Center...


ICC has vastly expanded its Health Careers programs, while prospective students are naturally flocking to where the careers are.

Can you believe it’s December already?! The year has just flown by, and we accomplished so much.