PM Business

Technology advancements are upending business models, shifting market dynamics and altering consumer expectations. How are leading firms reshaping their products and processes to stay relevant?

[CxT] Roasting Company launches its business expansion in a brand-new development.

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to attack by malicious actors.

PM Weekly

Best of Peoria 2019

PM Community

A message about the challenges we face striving to maintain our national ideals

Mark your calendars and check out what's happening in Greater Peoria!

The Jump ARCHES partnership between OSF HealthCare and the University of Illinois has expanded dramatically...

PM Art

Hidden in plain sight, the gallery is a catalyst for curiosity and the exchange of ideas.

A longtime jazz performer and educator meets a renowned symphony orchestra.

Rama Suresh of Mythili Dance Academy will host an open house next month showcasing her collection of handmade dolls from India.

PM Lifestyle

Unique, world-class wines are being made right in your backyard!

Believing that historic and cultural artifacts should be shared and not hoarded, Mott began sharing his finds online.

A local maker finds success online and at pop-up shops throughout central Illinois.


Peoria Magazines announces the launch of 309Tix—an online ticketing service and community box office for local events.

Somehow we arrived at a conceptual portrait based on Game of Thrones—with those trademark pink Bump Boxes stacked high to create a “throne” for its founder and CEO.