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Build a company culture supportive of meeting customers’ rapidly increasing expectations.

While common in some urban areas, pedal buses are new to the Peoria area.

Adjust your use of lenses to connect more effectively with different people.

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Best of Peoria 2019

PM Community

The Emerging Philanthropists Fund invigorates young leaders to join together as philanthropists. 

The Peoria-born Dalfonso took the reins of the PACVB this summer upon the retirement of Don Welch.

Fifty years after his passing, Senator Everett Dirksen’s leadership carries on.

PM Art

The illustrious building’s reign over Peoria’s highlife came to a swift end on a tragic December morning.

A new collective takes an unusual route to bring art and creativity to the public.

The Citywide Celebration of Women in the Arts highlights the creativity of women in the arts in Greater Peoria.

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Exploring your ancestry is not only fun, but a gift you will always treasure. 

Ten things you didn't know about the Peoria County State’s Attorney...

A newcomer to the area reflects on his first impressions of a new city.


If you want a commemorative plaque featuring your article, don't buy from an unethical, out-of-state business. Call Joan’s Trophy instead!

The 40 Leaders Under Forty Class of 2019 had some surprising revelations—from unusual hobbies and things they wish they would’ve done differently, to coping with loss and working through stressful situations.