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In the heart of the Midwest, a myriad of unique issues are associated with the trade of grain.

Last year’s growing season continued the upward trend in corn and soybean production.

America has an addiction to positive thinking. Here’s why that’s an issue.

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In addition to the mass production of penicillin, many other less-heralded products have origins in Peoria's Ag Lab.

As president of the Peoria Park District Board of Trustees, Robert Johnson helps guide the oldest and largest park district in the State of Illinois.

Illinois Central College is a proud and vital member of the ag ecosystem in central Illinois.

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Emily Antonacci, known musically as “emily,” has rapidly made her mark on the Peoria music scene over the last year.

The yearlong exhibition features seminal works by contemporary Black American artists.

The Peoria Art Guild offers classes for all ages, and its galleries are once again open to the public.

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Peoria ranks among the top 20 trending Gen Z cities in the country.

Ten things you didn't know about this active Peoria couple...

A homegrown apprenticeship program is working to solve a critical shortage of behavior analysis professionals.


Nothing prepares you for an encounter with a Clydesdale foal.

Planning a photo shoot is always challenging—even more so for a cover. And our current cover image is not what it appears to be...