iBi - October 2013

Where Art Meets Business
by Jonathan Wright
Photography by David Vernon with additional research and input from Reema Abi-Akar

The Sunbeam Building is a showcase for how business and the arts can work together to breathe life into a neighborhood… and a community.

  • What’s the most important leadership quality for success in business? According to a 2010 IBM study of more than 1,500 chief executive officers from around the world, it’s creativity.

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Photography by Greg Balzell

The Peoria-based singer/songwriter/storyteller/multi-instrumentalist has spent the past 14 years traveling the world, making music, building a successful arts career, and loving life while doing it all.

Collaborator, Connector, Convener, Consultant…
by Suzette Boulais
ArtsPartners of Central Illinois

The central hub for the local arts community, ArtsPartners, brings together a diverse range of partners… and the entire region benefits. 

An Entrepreneurial Tale

A head-turning name, eye-catching designs, and the birth of a business…

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We must expand our understanding by seeing management as a daily performance—with a script that is constantly changing.

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Fostering entrepreneurialism and innovation with hands-on internships for local students…

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An emerging spin on STEM learning arms students with the skills to apply their knowledge more creatively in today’s entrepreneurial world.

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A Sneak Preview

A collaborative event to recognize women artists and their persevering entrepreneurial spirit...

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Integrating the Arts

Study after study has shown that the arts are more than just an add-on benefit in education.

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Art works to improve education, drive creativity in the workplace, bolster the economy, and enrich communities.

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The rights of artists are enshrined directly in the Constitution itself. 

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By leveraging the arts, we can stimulate creativity in our children and better prepare them with 21st-century job skills.

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Both nationally and statewide, there is a growing recognition that arts education is essential to society.

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  • The Arts and Healing Program
    by Stephanie Franks
    OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
  • A Relationship of Primary Importance
    By Debbie Simon And Gary Knepp, Do
    Unitypoint Health - Methodist



The Historic Springdale Cemetery Tour is approaching… a walking excursion into Peoria’s notable place of rest, where the dead rise once a year to tell tales to the living.

Though it’s among Americans’ favorite holidays, few know the history behind the tricks and treats of Halloween. Here are a few facts you can toss out to impress the guests at your next costume party...

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