iBi - November 2012

One (Last) Time: What is Leadership?

by Dr. Aaron Buchko
Bradley University

Ever notice how everyone talks about leadership, but no one wants to say exactly what they mean by leadership? What are the traits, qualities and behaviors that make successful leaders?

40 Leaders Under Forty

Michelle R. Agnew   American Red Cross
Tom Lunsford   Caterpillar Inc.
Renee S. Andrews   Trewyn Middle School
Christopher S. McCall   McCall Law Offices, PC
Nathan R. Bach   U.S. District Court
Travis McGlasson   Marshall County Board
Derrick L. Booth   Manual High School
John C. Orfe V   Bradley University
Kyle Bright   Illinois Central College
Allison Paul   Children's Hospital of Illinois
Mylissa Carstens   Caterpillar Inc.
Stacy L. Peterson   Peoria Public Library
Malou Cristobal   Caterpillar Inc.
Stephen D. Peterson   Heart of Illinois United Way
Lori S. Curtis Luther   Peoria County
Melissa S. Riddle   Children's Home
Brandy S. Dietrich   Dewberry
Bart Rinkenberger   Lighthouse Automotive
Brett Ellis   Walz Label & Mailing Systems
Cori Ann Rutherford   Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino
Venus E. Evans-Winters   Illinois State University
Dr. Samer Sader   RenalCare Associates
Dr. Karen S. Fernandez   St. Jude Midwest Affiliate
Erin Margaret Scherbinske   Caterpillar Inc.
Sarah Fletcher   Dress for Success Peoria
Lisa Schwab   Pediatric Resource Center
Tara Gerstner   Peoria Promise
Ashley Rebekah Spain   Midstate College
Paola P. Hinton   Five Senses Spa and Salon
Josh Swank   Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.
Steve Hinton   Caterpillar Inc.
Laura Tobben   Farnsworth Group Inc.
Dr. Asim Jaffer   Methodist Medical Group
Aili J. Tran   Caterpillar Inc.
Dr. M. Jawad Javed   Children’s Hospital of Illinois
Gretchen Wirtz Primeau   WHOI Channel 19
Brian F. Johnson   Johnson, Bunce & Noble, PC
Jared M. K. Woiwode   CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Jennifer R. Jones   Bradley University
Erin Zellefrow   Bradley University
40 Leaders Under Forty

Shifting the Local Paradigm

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Would the founding fathers have been able to draft our Constitution against the backdrop of the 24/7 news cycle? Consider the sacrifices that were inevitably made, the egos set aside for the good of the whole, the compromises required. It’s hard to imagine how that would happen today.

Engaging an Unstoppable Force

by Melanie Long
McDaniels Marketing Communications

The support of leadership, coupled with the recognition of a job well done, is foundational in developing an engaged workforce.

Are You Leading from a Place of Fear?

16 Signs of Cowardly Leadership
by Mike Staver

Besides harming your company, fear-centered leadership can hurt the very people you are supposed to be guiding: your employees.

Recharge Your Leadership Mojo

8 Ways to Reignite Your Passion
by Mohan Nair, Cambia Health Solutions

You know you must get people engaged about their work, but trying to do so with a worn-down spirit is like fueling a rocket ship with tepid bathwater.






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