iBi - April 2012

A Ticking Treasure In Peoria’s Downtown

by Meredith Tuttle

In 1965, Peoria lost a historic landmark when its county courthouse was razed, but a treasure within the building was saved…and it’s heading back downtown this fall when the Peoria Riverfront Museum opens its doors.

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Publisher's Note

A Look Back to Move Forward
Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

In the era of smartphones, the watch is no longer an indispensable tool for telling time, but a prized fashion accessory—and another case study in the creative destruction brought about by a fast-moving global economy.

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Peoria Union Stockyards

Gateway Between The Corn Belt And The Packers
by Deborah Dougherty
Illinois Central College

Peoria’s central location in the country, its riverfront advantage and its booming distilleries fueled the city’s hog and cattle stockyards. At the beginning of the 21st century, only a handful of these once-thriving businesses survive, including Peoria's—one of the oldest in the country.

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A History Underground

Coal Mining In The Peoria Area
by Marilyn J. Leyland
Peoria Historical Society

Coal underlies some 37,000 square miles of the state of Illinois and has played a significant role in the history of Peoria-area industry.

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Wheels O’ Time

Where History Comes Alive…
by Sara Browning

What fun is it to have an antique collection and not share it? That was what Gary Bragg asked himself before launching Wheels O’ Time Museum in 1977.

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Peoria’s Own Philosopher

by Norman V. Kelly

The founder of both the Peoria Journal and the Peoria Star, the legendary Eugene F. Baldwin left an indelible mark on central Illinois.

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Peoria and The Shelton Gang

by Bernie Drake
Peoria Historical Society

Prohibition saw the rise of “bootlegging” gangs throughout the country. In Peoria, the Sheltons dominated the illegal booze trade, and later, gambling.

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Mysteries Big and Small

by Robert Lee Killion, Jr.
Peoria Historical Society

Working as a historian at the Peoria Historical Society means that every day brings new surprises.

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Proctor Hospital

A Rich History and Continued Commitment to Central Illinois
provided by Proctor Health Care
edited by Steve Wilson

The late 19th century spawned a new age of medical advances, one of which motivated three physicians to found Cottage Hospital.

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The Other Peoria

Ever typed “Peoria” into a Google search and for-gotten to add the “IL”? Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon Peoria, Arizona.

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Water’s Worth

by Stevie Sigan

The Sun Foundation’s Clean Water Celebration marks Earth Day with a unique community-wide celebration of H2O.

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