iBi - September 2008

Doug Oberhelman

Champion of Sustainability

Doug Oberhelman is a group president at Caterpillar Inc., responsible for the company’s human services, sustainable development functions and remanufacturing business.

Sustainability is Here to Stay

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi
Are you weary of the energy debate? Has “going green” gone stale? Waiting for the trend to pass? You may be waiting awhile.

Peoria’s Sustainability Commission

An Interview with Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji
Sustainability deals with population growth, limited natural resources and the impact of human activity on the ecosystem. It is about creating an effective balance between social, economic and environmental concerns.

The Myths and Realities of Sustainability

by Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji
Bradley University
A healthy environment cannot exist without a strong economy, nor can a strong economy exist without a healthy environment.

Build Green and Build Value

Sustainable building makes good business sense.
by Ray Lees
We want to green our buildings for a number of reasons. If we’re going to own a building to house our operations, and we can save over the long term by incorporating more efficient and sustainable building systems, then we need to look at that.

Bauer Power

Renewable Energy at Your Doorstep
by Amy Groh
The recent addition of Bauer Power to the Peoria area is another step in the direction of making the Midwest—and the Peoria area—a haven for green, sustainable energy.

Chip Energy

Ingenuity Finds Answers
by Emily Zulz and Jonathan Wright
With energy prices skyrocketing, America is looking for alternatives to reduce dependence on foreign oil, lower costs and help the environment. One local company plans to step into that niche with innovative products that run on recycled natural resources.

How Far Should We Look In a Regional Plan?

by Terry Kohlbuss and John Chambers
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
It is essential that today’s plans make every effort to be sustainable by considering current and emerging trends, and how policies targeted specifically at land use, economic development, transportation and the environment will impact each other and the regional community as a whole.

Firefly Energy’s New World

by Amy Groh
Firefly Energy, a spinoff of Caterpillar Inc. and the first resident of the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new world headquarters on Galena Road in Peoria on Tuesday, August 12th.

Charting Our Course to a Greener Community

Part II
by Don Forrest
Farnsworth Group, Inc.
Sustainable practices and behaviors—whether in building design and construction, practicing green actions, reducing energy consumption, etc.—are fundamentally good.

Green Energy and Business Strength

Focus-Extra (iBi)
Jim McConoughey - Heartland Partnership

There are many reasons to be optimistic in Peoria these days. We are looking to the future environmentally, and our economy is strong.

With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss an example of green awareness and business strength.

Peoria NEXT Energy Summit

Eating Sustainably

by Amy Groh
The sustainable food movement appears to be here to stay as our society becomes more conscious of taking care of the planet that supports our very lives.







Less is More

by Amy Groh
In a world in which we are constantly bombarded by information—be it educational or advertorial, useful or useless—it seems we need a way to deal with it.

Disposal Solutions for Compact Fluorescents

by Sara Browning
Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, lauded as long-lasting light sources that save energy and reduce pollution, face one major drawback, the inconvenience of disposal due to mercury content, a neurotoxin which can cause kidney and brain damage.

Web Usability Testing

by Steven E. Streight
Streight Site Systems
Is your website easy for your audience to use? Can your customers quickly find the information they seek? Do they enjoy using your website to accomplish various tasks? You probably have no idea.

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