Extreme Makeover: LeTourneau Edition

A new, collaborative effort led by the Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation, Peoria Historical Society and Wheels O’ Time Museum, The Steel House Revival is working to relocate and rehabilitate one of R.G. LeTourneau’s unique steel houses to become an exhibit at Wheels O’ Time.

LeTourneau was an inventor and businessman who pioneered the development of pre-fabricated, steel-welded homes in the 1930s. Though his plan for an entire community of such homes was thwarted by the onset of World War II, several were sold and remain in use today. The house to be renovated sits on what was once LeTourneau property and is now Komatsu America Corporation, which donated the house to the effort.

About half of the $180,000 price tag has been raised to move and restore the building, which is expected to happen later this year. To learn more about this exciting project—and donate to the cause—visit steelhouserevival.com.


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What a 'tantalizing piece'!

LeTourneau, his innovations, patents, his STEEL HOUSE, and the PARTNERSHIP EFFORT of Central Illinois Landmark Foundation, Peoria Historical Society, and Wheels 'O Time.

And the fundraising!

MORE collaborative partners coming 'Into the House', I hear ... most notably, PEORIA HEIGHTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, The Heights having a good number of 'Steel Houses' being lived in.


I wish them luck in the restoration.  I live and have lived in a LeTourneau steel house for close to 47 years.  They're a marvel.  

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