Today’s culinary world leaves convenience foods behind in favor of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Local Legends Reception

Full STEAM Ahead
River City Labs is helping to grow a 21st-century community of innovators, educators, leaders and learners in Greater Peoria.
Beyond Millennials... - Defining the Next Generation
Our nation’s largest cohort is under 22 and up to their necks in generalizations. Should we be painting with such a broad stroke?
The Wonder of Totality
This August, a narrow band across the United States will experience two minutes and 40 seconds of total darkness.
Design Patterns Unbounded
From architecture to art, opportunity finds Merrell Hickey.
Parade of Emotions
A past tragedy carries a timeless message as another summer season comes to the Corn Stock Tent.
When actor Gene Wilder passed away last year, the loss hit Chip Joyce hard.
Taste the freshness of summer with three recipes from Chef Golda...
A Peoria-area native, Colleen Kimball is the third generation at Technicraft, well known for her encouraging smile and upbeat demeanor.

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Shaping the Construction Site of the Future

Big machines. Bigger data. Experts estimate five million new things are connected around the world every day. We’re talking watches, phones, cars and yes, even bulldozers. The future of the construction site is way more than just machines.

Central Illinois Perspective
The Price of Upkeep
Maintaining the status quo largely remains behind-the-scenes business… at least until disaster strikes. Then priorities shift quickly.
Mining a Port
An inland port project in Henry offers prime real estate for industry and the potential for long-term economic growth.
It’s Time to Build
Americans deserve to live in a country where they don’t fear the next dam breach, pipeline burst or bridge collapse.
Problem Solving with Green Infrastructure
Green techniques reduce the damaging impact of stormwater runoff, while enhancing the built environment.
Enabling the Building Internet of Things
The BIoT can maximize the functionality of today’s building infrastructure… if we plan accordingly.
Our country’s water infrastructure cannot be graded on a sliding scale.
The auto and tech industries continue to push each other into brand-new, cutting-edge markets.
Not only do these projects improve reliability, they provide jobs and help grow the local economy.