A fixture of area entertainment, the Jukebox Comedy Club has cultivated comedy in Peoria for 27 years.

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New Adventures in Old Peoria
A trio of unique ventures expands the horizons of entertainment in this historic river town.
Join in the Reindeer Games
Reindeer are real… and you can visit them right here in central Illinois.
Drawing Attention to Women in the Arts
The seven-week Citywide Celebration focuses attention on the creative energy of women.
A Season of Unity
The Community Festival of Nativities celebrates diversity and a common foundation.
Take 10: Dan Conlin
Ten things you didn't know about the longtime owner of the Jukebox Comedy Club...
Holiday-Inspired Recipes
Try your hand at these recipes, and you’ll be on your way to a memorable holiday season.
In the mid-1800s, the city was abuzz when the circus came to town. 
Celebrate Peoria is a series of events exploring our region’s diverse communities, and a unique learning experience for all ages.

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From healthcare to education and beyond, augmented reality and virtual reality are transforming a range of industries… and adoption continues to grow.

Central Illinois Perspective
Snapchat Joins the Augmented Reality Game
This is not a trend, but a technology—and a game-changer for social media and brands alike.
More to Peoria's Tech Scene Than Meets the Eye
“The Silicon Prairie” is real, and it’s here in Peoria.
The Automated Workplace: Between AI and Human Understanding
Advances in artificial intelligence will not impact all industries equally.
American Dream 2.0: Five Things That Must Change Now
We must stop yearning for yesterday, and start transforming ourselves, our kids, our institutions and our culture.
iBi recently sat down with TADA’s leadership team to learn more about its approach to product solutions and plans for the future.
Determining who wins—and who loses—in the new media era
A solid cybersecurity foundation is built on confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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