Bradley University and Caterpillar Inc. team up with NASA to create revolutionary housing solutions for Earth and beyond.

Central Illinois Perspective
Communities of Change
The initial success of Pathways is a promising demonstration of our capacity to embrace change to meet the challenges ahead.
Learning Through Play
Play empowers children to reinvent the world, while becoming lifelong learners, creators and citizens.
Changing the Look of High School
Peoria Public Schools is creating new pathways and expanding opportunities for real-world experience.
Disciplines Converge Inside New Complex
The new business and engineering complex promises to be a game changer.
Employee performance and engagement can be improved by applying elements of gaming to the workplace.
Education after high school is needed to access jobs that provide family-sustaining wages.
How are students to prepare for the future in such a rapidly changing world?

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Today’s culinary world leaves convenience foods behind in favor of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Contract Publishing

Full STEAM Ahead
River City Labs is helping to grow a 21st-century community of innovators, educators, leaders and learners in Greater Peoria.
Beyond Millennials... - Defining the Next Generation
Our nation’s largest cohort is under 22 and up to their necks in generalizations. Should we be painting with such a broad stroke?
The Wonder of Totality
This August, a narrow band across the United States will experience two minutes and 40 seconds of total darkness.
Design Patterns Unbounded
From architecture to art, opportunity finds Merrell Hickey.
Parade of Emotions
A past tragedy carries a timeless message as another summer season comes to the Corn Stock Tent.
When actor Gene Wilder passed away last year, the loss hit Chip Joyce hard.
Taste the freshness of summer with three recipes from Chef Golda...
A Peoria-area native, Colleen Kimball is the third generation at Technicraft, well known for her encouraging smile and upbeat demeanor.