In spring, the letters come in pairs. The offer of admission promises dreams come true; the financial aid letter serves as reality’s fine print. Can I afford to go? Will it be worth it? And increasingly: can I afford not to go? Just how high a price tag is a higher education worth?

Central Illinois Perspective
iBi Redesign!
It’s been seven years since our last major redesign, and we felt the time had again come for change.
Higher Education in Peoria - An Overview
A plethora of higher education and technical training opportunities is available in the region.
Why Catholic Schools Do Well
Parents are often unaware of the significant advantages offered by Catholic schools.
Common Core Standards Prepare the Future Workforce
The integration of Common Core State Standards will develop students who bring 21st-century skills into the workplace.
International Students’ Impact on the Community
As the international student population grows, so does its economic impact.

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One Year Later
Hip and historic, modern and chic… celebrating its one-year anniversary.
Educating the human potential could have profound consequences for the future.
An update on changes to Peoria’s Downtown/Warehouse District…

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Tattoo artist Tim Beck on traditionalism, craftsmanship and the mainstreaming of an outsider art form.

Making the Zombie Scene
The Lavin Production Company serves up local commercials… and a zombie apocalypse.
Garage Days - The Studio Extension
A newly opened space brings art to an unconventional setting.
Like Father, Like Son - A Tribute Performance
Chris Lemmon channels his famous dad in a two-week run of shows at the Apollo Theatre.
A Man of Music
This man of many talents—a touring singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, historian and storyteller—is living the life he loves.
Fashion Ignite takes you behind the scenes with its team of photography, art, fashion and beauty professionals to see how the creative vision comes to life.
In 2015, a good haircut, smooth skin and a versatile wardrobe are within the reach of just about anyone...
A rich tapestry of initiatives is bringing the city to life… and offering unique experiences for visitors and residents alike.