Religious art, in a variety of forms, reveals a common yearning for hope and transcendence.

Beauty in the Divine
Along with the two museums at the Spalding Pastoral Center, St. Mary's Cathedral is a tribute to the rich heritage of Peoria’s Catholic community—and a testament to the beauty that unites its diverse population.
Fine Arts Enshrined in Pekin
A magnificent old building on Walnut Street gains new purpose as a center for arts and culture.
Sparking Community, Igniting Knowledge
Lit. on Fire is more than a used bookstore… it’s a center for community discussion and connection.
Where Earth Meets Sky
A landscape painter and lifelong artist finds a new role as a gallery owner in Morton.
Welcoming spring to Peoria... There is no shortage of things to do in March and April!
10 things you didn't know about the managing director of The Mansion on Walnut and executive director of Pekin Academy of Fine Arts...
Since his ordination as a priest in 1919 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen has been an international icon of service and faith.

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Increased public awareness has reshaped the way society deals with mental health, erasing stigmas and opening doors to new treatment methods.

Central Illinois Perspective
Race to the Top: Pushing the Survival Rate Higher
Victims of sudden cardiac arrest are more likely to survive due to a multi-faceted, nationally recognized strategy.
Compounding Talk with Bill Kalman - Essential Wellness Pharmacy
iBi and the new owner of Essential Wellness Pharmacy discuss the process of compounding, bio-identical hormones and other industry trends.
The ACA: Preparing for the Great Unknown
Changes to the Affordable Care Act are on the horizon… though their timing and nature is unknown.
Better Together: UnityPoint Health
The affiliation of UnityPoint Health – Pekin enhances healthcare access, efficiencies and value.
Healthcare Reform in the Trump Era
Keeping the good and fixing the bad… healthcare reform is gearing up for major surgery.
The impact of exponential technologies is amplified further by collaboration—something Greater Peoria does quite well.
While the expansion is exciting, what really matters are the wonderful opportunities it will create.
Access to health insurance and healthcare services has dramatically improved individual and community health.