With strategic investments and a dash of serendipity, the stars are aligning for Peoria Heights. Restaurant additions, new public art, a historic walking tour, a new dog park, and multiple developments under construction are just the beginning.

200 Years, 200(+) Artifacts
The Peoria Riverfront Museum celebrates the Illinois Bicentennial with its largest exhibit yet.
An Ear for Art & Business
In Peoria’s Warehouse District, Lizz Barnes has built a shop, a studio, and a supportive community for artists.
Cause for Celebration
The Heartland Festival Orchestra looks forward on the cusp of a milestone anniversary.
Art in Motion
A ballet company and its academy are bringing the art of dance to Peoria’s bustling West Main corridor.
A Taste of Ireland
Celebrating the Emerald Isle in food and drink…
Lizz Barnes’ team at Ear in the Envelope includes four full-time employees—and each is talented in their own right. 
The Penguin Project gained prestigious recognition last November when it received the 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program (NAHYP) Award.
Bruce White's works of abstraction begin as “play,” twisting and bending paper or thin sheets of metal into free-flowing curves, then repeating the process with large pieces of aluminum and steel.

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@riverfrontmuseum @earintheenvelope @peoriaheightschamber @goldaandbob @lizzbarnz and more! In 1964, Dr. Harold A. Vonachen, a man known as #BehindTheScenes: Students from Youth Music Illinois focus intently during rehearsal. Read more in the March/April issue of Art & Society... out soon! Follow the link in our profile for subscription and distribution information. 📸 : Jeff McSweeney

OSF Innovation is striving to change the face of healthcare delivery to benefit the patients and communities they serve.

Central Illinois Perspective
A Critical Role in the Healthcare Economy
New initiatives at UICOMP are strengthening healthcare for patients, as well as the regional economy.
A Strategic Initiative to Impact Community Safety
AMT’S “All-Safe” efforts are having a significant impact.
Why We Need to End Alzheimer’s Disease
Unless a cure is found, it is going to have a disastrous impact on all of us in some way.
Opioid Crisis: Why Companies Should Take Note
Like abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs, the nation’s growing opioid epidemic is presenting workplace challenges.
10 Startups to Watch in 2018
Highlighting the finest products of Greater Peoria's entrepreneurial ecosystem... 
The earlier skin cancer is detected and treated, the better a patient’s chance for survival.
CIHIE provides new opportunities for patient-centered planning and quality improvement.
As we carve our future healthcare strategies, the involvement of physician leaders has never been more important.

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