The historic castle on Grandview Drive is a unique setting for philanthropy… and a world of enchantment of its own.

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A Peaceful Place for Storytelling
Each fall, Peoria’s storied past comes alive in the Historic Springdale Cemetery Tours.
Legends of Grandview Drive
From sheeted ghosts and cedar woodpeckers to (one of) the world’s most beautiful drive(s)…
Of Space & Place
Using the power of the image to generate discussion and open minds to new ideas…
What's Old is New Again
Bringing family and friends back to the table to slow down, relax and relish a meal together
Hooked on Lampworking
A twist of fate brings Twisted Chicken Beads home to Brimfield.
The nation’s 14th oldest symphony orchestra gears up for a spectacular anniversary season.
It started with food trucks, but the concept of a shop on wheels has exploded into new territory.
He’s best known for fronting the Funk Yard, but the multi-talented soul man Dexter O’Neal is unafraid to dive into new artistic territory.

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Bradley University and Caterpillar Inc. team up with NASA to create revolutionary housing solutions for Earth and beyond.

Central Illinois Perspective
Communities of Change
The initial success of Pathways is a promising demonstration of our capacity to embrace change to meet the challenges ahead.
Learning Through Play
Play empowers children to reinvent the world, while becoming lifelong learners, creators and citizens.
Changing the Look of High School
Peoria Public Schools is creating new pathways and expanding opportunities for real-world experience.
Disciplines Converge Inside New Complex
The new business and engineering complex promises to be a game changer.
Employee performance and engagement can be improved by applying elements of gaming to the workplace.
Education after high school is needed to access jobs that provide family-sustaining wages.
How are students to prepare for the future in such a rapidly changing world?