For eight years, the Whiskey Trust attempted to consolidate distilleries and control the production of alcohol.

Fortuitous & Fruitful Finds - The Pettengill Collection
A cross-country search uncovers new details about the family of one of early Peoria’s most prominent citizens.
The Peoria Mystique - A Hometown Story
As the nation changed, Peoria was always an influence on the work of Betty Friedan.
Seven Sacred Stories of the Peoria Falcon
This historic artifact, rediscovered in a box at the Smithsonian, holds within it an array of fascinating tales.  
Memoirs of a Unique District - A Conversation with Ray LaHood and Frank Mackaman
iBi sat down with Mackaman and LaHood to discuss their new book, LaHood’s political career, the mission of the Dirksen Center, and more.
Rise and Fall: The Fleming-Potter Story
Peoria was once home to the largest printer of product labels in the world.
“The most remarkable American most people never heard of" spent two decades in Peoria.
Peoria’s i-team is tackling some of the city’s oldest problems with a novel approach.
Historic charm, combined with the latest amenities, are enticing aspects of city life.

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There’s a new beercade in town... and so far, 8 Bit really is playing in Peoria, as classic titles like Pac-Man (Mr. and Ms.), Burgertime, Dig Dug and many others have come roaring back to life at State and Water.

Central Illinois Perspective
Ever Forward: A Cosmic Voyage
From the streets of London to Peoria's Warehouse District, Colt Sandberg is always pushing, ever moving.
Full Circle with Marty and Dave
Back in the early ’90s, they were magazine publishers in the same city—with virtually nothing else in common. Their paths crossed but once and their stories are worlds apart, but life has a funny way of bringing things full circle.
A Heated Competition
When it comes to chili, the only constant is the rivalry over its varieties.
The Man Behind the Chalk
What do Richard's on Main, Peoria Brewing Company and the Summer Camp Music Festival have in common? Each has showcased the elaborate chalk drawings of Devin McGlone.
I’ve often wondered: What was Peoria’s first local magazine? Turns out, there’s no simple answer.
A native Peorian, Marty Wombacher moved back to his hometown in 2012 after living in New York City for nearly two decades.
While most coffee today is roasted commercially and mass-produced, small-scale roasting is on the rise at specialty shops like thirty-thirty and Leaves 'N Beans.