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2016 State of Volunteerism Forum

2016 State of Volunteerism Forum
Join local nonprofit, business and community leaders on March 3, 2016 as they share ideas related to volunteerism, corporate responsibility and community engagement in a TED Talk-style forum. Registration is now open!

Reviving the Springs
Peoria Mineral Springs has a lost history of quenching the city’s thirst… and future potential to do the same.
The Inspiring Side of Infrastructure
How going green can solve more than combined sewer overflows...
A Resilient River
For decades, the Illinois River has felt the impacts of a region on the rise.
Partnerships for the Greater Good
New development projects can help restore our river and provide economic opportunity.
Peoria’s Riverboat Men
Four prominent Peorians whose lives were inseparable from our beloved river
Addiction is a public health crisis, and fear is beginning to give way to life-saving solutions.
The race to save water may be the most important innovation race in all of history.
For eight years, the Whiskey Trust attempted to consolidate distilleries and control the production of alcohol.

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Urban beekeeping is on the rise, part of a growing international trend—and increasingly important as those indispensable pollinators have been in decline for the last decade.

Central Illinois Perspective
A Tale of Sister Cities
The unique relationship between Peoria and Friedrichshafen turns 40 years old in 2016.
Bringing Sexy Back
A new burlesque troupe seeks to revive Peoria’s vaudeville days.
Of Flavor & Fizz
Craft soda offers a return to a bygone era… the kind of drink your grandparents might once have enjoyed.
Booze, Bottles and Soft Drink Parlors
Peoria’s saloons “magically” became soft drink parlors, bottling companies supplied jobs… and the city grew.
As CEO of Children’s Home Association of Illinois, Matt George exemplifies the best advice he says he’s ever received: Never be low-energy.
Teamwork is alive and well within some of central Illinois’ premier musical groups.
Peoria welcomes summer with open arms! Find out what is happening in central Illinois in May and June!