By enhancing natural fibers with the properties of synthetics, Natural Fiber Welding could revolutionize multiple industries while providing great social and environmental benefits.

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10 Startups to Watch in 2018
Highlighting the finest products of Greater Peoria's entrepreneurial ecosystem... 
Pitch for a Seed Fund in Greater Peoria
To keep pace globally, we must be willing to allocate significant resources to the effort of creating new businesses.
Lessons Through Failure: An Entrepreneurial Education
Entrepreneurial education can hurt—but applying the lessons learned can offer success in the long term.
Real Tools of Discovery
The first step in developing entrepreneurial traits is to engage in work and play, with adults who provide both challenge and support.
8 Ways to Land the First Investment in Your Startup
If your idea provides enough value for people, investors are more likely to provide the necessary funding.
Many of our politicians—and a growing number of Americans—have lost the ability to have healthy debates without being mean-spirited.
You may know her as a Peoria City Councilwoman, but Beth Jensen serves another organization as well: the Public Interest Law Initiative.
Starting a new food business fulfills a lifelong goal for many people, but it can also be very stressful.

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#BehindTheScenes: Children can learn to be entrepreneurs and makers at an exhibit area called #BehindTheScenes from our Local Startups to Watch in 2018: Peoria Magazines is proud to support the Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon at the Peoria Civic Center. This year featured another great keynote speaker, journalist Tamron Hall, whose powerful address reminds us of the meaning of this day. 
@tamronhall Managing editor Jonathan Wright led an @olliatbu class at Bradley University this afternoon, discussing his role promoting Peoria performances, professions, pastimes, philanthropists and places at Peoria Magazines.

Its rhythms are thrilling and alluring, the grooves infectious and sophisticated, and few sounds could be more romantic. When Latin fusion meets the symphony, you can be sure that Cupid’s arrow will fly!

Central Illinois Perspective
Welcome to Sunday Dinner
For David Stotz, each meal is a time capsule, capturing the tastes and preferences of cultures and people from centuries past. 
Olympic Excitement on the Rise
The U.S. will send approximately 245 athletes, and Americans everywhere will be cheering them on. Here in the Peoria area, several organizations and individuals may cheer a little louder than most!
Get Into the Fold
Local origami artist Kathy Knapp has shared the joy of paper folding for nearly 30 years.
Fat Biking (And More) at Wildlife
Summer may be the most popular time to visit, but the park is open year-round—and seeing it throughout the different seasons is truly a feast for the senses.
In November, 100 Days of Peoria: The Book was officially unveiled at The Nest, the coworking space Chelsie Tamms calls home.
Ten things you didn’t know about the two BraziLionaires…
An old potting shed has found new life as Potting Shed Art Studio, transformed into a charming workspace offering classes and activities for adults and children.

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