Autonomous technology is not just changing the way we drive—it’s rebooting our entire transportation system.

Central Illinois Perspective
What Makes A Makerspace?
Makerspaces help a community to think, imagine and collaboratively create the future we want.
Jobs and Cybersecurity: A New Initiative
A new initiative responds to global security threats… and offers an opportunity for the Peoria-area workforce.
Continuous Evolvement - Pearl Companies’ Approach To Growth
Pearl Companies has come a long way since Jack Pearl founded Pearl Insurance in 1954, selling insurance door to door.
On the Uptake
A new partnership will use big data to take performance to the next level.
Cloud-based applications are transforming how businesses use technology.
Jake Hamann is the founder, president and CEO of OneFire, responsible for leading the company’s overall strategy and direction.
A Snapshot
From modular homes and heavy equipment simulators to metal tools and food items, a wide range of products are being manufactured in the heart of the Midwest.

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A Personal Portrait

After a 30-year professional career, Joe McGuire spends his days guiding art classes, substitute teaching and capturing personalities through caricatures.

Local Legends
The Art of the Scrap
Deriving new meaning in the hands of artists, “found objects” become threads for works anew, canvases for stories yet to be told. By drawing beauty from the scrap pile, these four Peoria artists prove that “reduce, reuse, recycle” can also be a fruitful formula for art.
A Gallery in the Sky
Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop. That’s the equation for a national program coming to Peoria this summer.
Viva Mexico! in Peoria
A tour of Peoria’s best-kept Mexican food secrets…
Creating a Sanctuary
Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge is a stopover for migrating birds and wildlife enthusiasts.
Aesthetics and the Neighborhood Canvas
New public murals are bringing vibrancy to their neighborhoods and enriching the community.
A unique gallery space offers a forum for newcomer and veteran artists alike.
Whisper & Shout brings spoken word and poetry to the CAC.
A Tale of Two Cousins
From custom sneakers to car culture, the distinctive artwork of Justin Fenwick and Darius Donaldson…